Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection Straightening Spray Review

Hey everyone, today I am reviewing Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection Straightening Spray. This hair spray is used with straightening irons for safe, straight and smooth styling. It protects hair from heat damage (heat resistant up to 200 degree C).

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Packaging : It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with pink spray cap that makes this product very convenient to use. The cap comes with a lock system, you have to twist a little knob provided under nozzle to right or left to unlock the spray and keep it in the center to lock it .

My Experience : This spray was recommended to me by my hair stylist. I have very curly freeze hair and the hair stylist suggested me to straighten my hair before styling. I had a doubt (genuine) that my hair can be damaged by regular straightening, so he suggested me to use the Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection Straightening Spray while or before using the straightening iron/hair straightener.

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I’m using this 200ml spray since last 8-9 months and it is still more than half left in the bottle as very few sprays are required while straightening hair. Regular use of this product is not advisable, I myself use this product occasional whenever I have to attend some special function or on special outings. I find this product very useful as it does not make my hair dull or feel heavy.

After washing and blow drying my hair I section my hair in 4 parts and spray the heat protector on hair, it not only protects the hair but also holds firm all the sections of the hair. I’m using this spray with my straighteners and you can also use it with hot rollers. I don’t find the need of any other hairspray or moose as it holds my hair very well all day long. It does smell slightly of alcohol but that goes away after some time. I found this spray to be value for money. Don’t use too much of product otherwise it will make your hair sticky. This hair spray is easily available at reputed salons and online shopping websites.

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Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection Straightening Spray Price in India : Rs.595 for 200ml

Product Information:
Name : Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection Straightening Spray
Shelf Life : 3-4 years
Claims :
schwarzkopf heat protector spray
Usage : Spray directly onto individual section of clean, blow-dried hair and use straightening iron to finish. Alternatively spray onto damp hair before blow drying and finish with straightening iron.
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  1. I would like to buy this product. nowhere online it is available ! could you please help me in buying this product at the price you shave shown?

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