Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm Review

Hey everyone, today I’m reviewing the Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm. Soultree is an Indian beauty brand that offers a range of makeup, skin care, hair care and body care products. Soultree products are made from organic ingredients and are free from the harmful chemicals. I got this lip balm in my January MSM Express Box and quite liked it.

Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm Review

Packaging : The lip balm comes in a compact clear jar with a black screw cap. A white plastic lid is further provided inside the cap. The packaging is lightweight, sturdy and you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse.

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What I Liked about Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm :

  • The lip balm looks light berry color in the jar but in actual it is a clear balm. It has a sweet coconut fragrance which is not very strong and it also doesn’t has any taste. It has a buttery texture and spreads easily on the lips.
  • It is very lightweight and doesn’t feel waxy on the lips. It instantly moisturizes my lips and keep them hydrated for good 3-4 hours.
  • It is quite effective in healing dry, flakey lips and leaves the lips soft and supple.
  • I generally like to use it 5 minutes before applying matte lipsticks.
  • It is enriched with 7 cold pressed oils and is free from harmful chemicals.
  • It is a clear lip balm, so it can also be used by the men.
  • It is easily available at many online shopping sites like, or you can buy it from Soultree’s official website

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What I Dis-liked about Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm :

  • Tub packaging is unhygienic and also not very convenient to use.
  • A little expensive when compared with the quantity & quality provided.
  • Not very effective in healing extremely dry & chapped lips.
  • It is a non-tinted lip balm and comes without any sun protection formula.
  • Its shelf life is not mentioned anywhere.

Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm Price in India : Rs.195 for 6g

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Product Information :
Name : Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm
Shelf Life : Not mentioned!
Claims : The essence of Viola or sweet violets soothes irritated skin and the hydrating properties of Ghee, Kokum butter and Cocoa butter keep your lips soft, smooth and healthy. This violet tinted rich lip balm, has the goodness of 7 cold pressed oils to give your lips the perfect coating all round the year.
Usage : Use it regularly in dry weather to moisturise your lips and keep them soft and supple.
Active Ingredients : Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil.
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