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We accept Sponsored Guest Post in our website. You can submit a Guest Post if your Brand/Product/Website you are promoting falls under any of this category.

  1. Baby
  2. Beauty
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  4. Fashion

About Indian Beauty Hub:

Indian Beauty Hub is one of the fastest growing Authority websites in Fashion & Beauty niche. There are 850+ unique articles published and still growing. Out content is highly informative and engaging because of that we have received 3800 plus real approved comments so far from our visitors. We do respond to their comments and engage in conversation as much as possible.

Indian beauty Hub SEO Stats:

About 85% of traffic we receive are from Search Engine – Google. We pretty much dominate the search engine for many keywords and we usually rank for a keyword without any off-site SEO because of the quality content and website authority.

Our website rank for almost 7000 keywords (As on April, 2019) out of which 200+ keywords are in Top 3 and 1100+ keywords are in Top 10.

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How a Sponsored Guest Post in our website can benefit you in long-term?

If you looking for Brand awareness or Product awareness or want to increase you ranking for a specific keyword, a sponsored post in our website at the appropriate section is the right choice!

For Brand or Product Awareness:

Most of the visitors come to our Website with “Purchase intent” so they are in a mood to buy and looking for reviews of a product or researching the best product. So if you are looking for brand awareness or want to promote your new or existing product, a sponsored post covering all aspects of your brand/product features would make a huge positive impact.

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For SEO Rank Boost:

A single sponsored guest post at a relevant niche related website is more powerful than multiple backlinks from irrelevant Domain/Platform because Google prefer to give more importance to Backlink relevance along with Backlink authority. That’s the reason why we accept Guest Post only if they are related to our Website. This will greatly increase the relevance and authority of backlink you get from us via Sponsored Post.

Of course a single Backlink from our Sponsored post will not rank your website instantly as there are many on-site/off-site SEO factors involved. But we can assure you that, your post with Backlink will stay permanent forever and when the post is aged and gained some authority in Google (This usually happens soon because of our root domain authority) you will see a good improvement in ranking assuming your on-site SEO optimization is spot-on and you follow the best practices for off-site SEO.

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Sponsored Guest Post Acceptance Criteria:

  1. Unique 100% Copyscape passed article.
  2. Minimum word count is 750.
  3. Maximum one outgoing link allowed per post.
  4. Article should be relevant to niches covered in our Website.

Feel free to contact us if you are eligible for a Sponsored Guest Post. We usually respond with 24 hours.