Street Wear Lipstick, Lipgloss, Kajal, Eyeliner, Compact, Nail Paint Haul

Hello readers, today I am going to share my recent makeup haul that I did from Soon I’ll share with you my complete shopping experience with this online shopping website. I ordered few products from the recently launched Street Wear Color Rich range from Revlon. I was looking for these products online from the very first day since they were launched and finally found them at I bought total of 9 products which includes 2 nail paints, 2 lipsticks, 2 eye liners, a kajal, a compact and a lip-gloss.  Soon I will come with the detailed review of these products. review 4

Street Wear Color Rich Kajal : The black kajal comes in a regular pencil form and a sharpener is also provided with the pack. online shopping website review

Street Wear Color Rich Kajal Price in India : Rs.99 for 2.5g

Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss : The Mega Shine Lip Gloss is available in 7 beautiful shades named Ruby Duzzle 1, Sparkling Wine 2, Smitten By Pink 3, Death By Chocolate 4, Valentine Rose 5, Smokey Brown 7, Earthy Touch 9. I bought the shade Valentine Rose which is a pretty peachy pink shade. review 10

Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss Price in India : Rs.150

Street Wear Color Rich Perfection Compact I picked up this perfection compact in shades 02 Beige. One more shade 01 Neutral is available. review 9

Street Wear Color Rich Perfection Compact Price in India : Rs.160 for 7g

Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist LipstickI bought two lipsticks in shades 6 Puzzle Me Pink & 30 Please Me Pink. The ultra moist lipstick is available in 24 different color named :

  • Shades of Susie : 1 Fire Your Ex, 2 Very Vampire, 3 Reviting Rouge, 5 Foxy Fantasy
  • Shades of Aisha : 6 Puzzle Me Pink, 7 Mystic Mauve, 8 Berrylicious, 9 Ruby Riddle, 11 Pink Passion, 12 PS I am Sexy
  • Shades of Shanaya : 14 Chic Cappucino, 15 Iconic, 16 Hot Ginger, 17 Pink Champagne, 18 Runway Russet, 19 Pink Pirouette, 20 Rhythmic Bronze, 21 Crisp Caramel.
  • Shades of Simeran : 25 Pink Persuasion, 26 Berry Dreamy, 27 Spell Bound, 28 XoXo, 29 Persion Blush, 30 Please Me Pink review 8

Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Price in India : Rs.180 for

Street Wear Color Rich Eye Liners The eye liner is available in two shades, 1 Coal & 2 Egyptian Blue and I bought both of them. review 7

Street Wear Color Rich Eye Liners Price in India : Rs.75 for 5ml

Street Wear Color Rich Nail Paints : I bought 2 nail paints named Fairytale Romance 42 & Emerald Eyes 33 and other shades available are as under :

  • Shades Of Shanaya : Emerald Eyes 33, Dragonfly Green 34, Snap It 37, Silver Sensation 28, Blue Satin 29, Sapphire Sensation 30, Lady Blue Eyes 32, Saucy Orange 38
  • Shades Of Simeran : Fairytale Romance 42, Save The Date 39, Love Blossom 40, Be Mine 41, In Your Dream 43, Rose Affair 45, Dreamy Pink 49, Pure Passion 50
  • Shades Of Aisha : Get Inked 14, Drama Diva 15, Dress To Kill 16, Rocker Chic 17, Lilac Lust 19, Purple Passions 21, Spill The Beans 25
  • Shades Of Susie : Black Magic 1, Bedside Blush 3, After Party 4, Bridal Sensation 7, Traffic Stopper 10, Risque Red 11, All You Need 12

streetwear nail paint

Street Wear Color Rich Nail Paints Price in India : Rs.60 for 5ml

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  1. Wow! I liked this haul and I am really looking forward to pick up some stuff! Please review those lipsticks and i really wanted to see the lipstick color and swatches :)

  2. You got so many. But they are so budget friendly. I am like crazy for the lipstick and want in some not so regular colours. I like the blue eyeliner too. Great haul.

  3. Oh I didn’t know there are so many shades available in lip colors, I could only see 7-8 shades ! Maybe most of them were out of stock :/

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