The Violet Box Unboxing and Review

Hey everyone, today I’m going to share the review of a unique monthly subscription box – the Violet Box. Unlike beauty subscription boxes like Fab Bag, My Envy Box, MSM Box, etc, the Violet Box is an online subscription for period pampering. It includes the samples of luxury vegan beauty products, exquisite teas & coffees, gourmet chocolates and sanitary essentials. And the best part of Violet Box is that for each box sold, they donate sanitary essentials to those in need through NGOs like Swadhar & WRH. Also, the boxes used for The Violet Box are made by physically challenged individuals to help them earn for living.

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About Violet: Each lady spends over 1500 days of her life time having periods. We are here to make them special. As period is a time of lot of mood swings a little pampering and love is just what you need. Violet does this by adding exquisite treats to your period essentials. For every subscription you make, Violet donates the same amount of period essentials to those in need.

Dreamers from McKinsey and Ernst & Young came up with Violet. We absolutely love what we are doing. We are sure you will love it too. So go on… Pamper yourself and we will donate on your behalf. Celebrate being a lady!

You can choose from a Fantastic or Wow box for 3 or 6 months. The violet box is thoughtfully designed to pamper you with Luxury vegan beauty products, Exquisite teas & coffees, Gourmet chocolates and Sanitary essentials. We are on Box 1.7 & will be coming up with Box 1.8.

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Contents of Violet Box: They offer two types of monthly subscription boxes – a Fantastic and Wow box for 3 or 6 months. The price of Wow box is Rs.2,399 for 3 months & Rs.3,999 for 6 months and the price of Fantastic Box is Rs.1,799 for 3 months and Rs.2,999 for 6 months.

I’ve received the Wow Box 1.7 that includes Whisper (15 pads), Carefree Liners (5),  Black Bazza Yellow Roast Coffee, Typhoo Green Tea (2 tea bags),  Typhoo Jasmine Tea (1 tea bag), Exalte Black Tea (6g), Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (4), Yoga Bar (30g), Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub, Natures Co Lemon Grass Foot Spray (10ml), Natures Co Hazelnut Body Lotion (25ml), Just Herbs Apricot Face Scrub (35ml), Just Herbs Petal Soft Face Pack, Organic Incense and a Tempo Hand Sanitizer (15ml). All the products came nicely placed inside a sturdy black box that you can reuse to store your makeup, jewellery or other essentials.

Click here to book your Violet Box.

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