Top kurti styling tips for a trendy look

Are you looking for a unique kurti fit? Are you interested in sprucing up your wardrobe with the best of Indian fashion but still retains a personal touch? The kurti could be a great choice for your needs. Kurtis are versatile, comfortable and offer almost endless possibilities when it comes to styling. This article explores different kurti styling ideas, as well as offers a detailed assessment of various kurti styles like designer or party wear kurtis available online for different fashion tastes.

How to style your kurti for a trendy look?

If you are looking for versatile attire, the kurti is well suited for you. But how do you style your look to turn the heads? You could consider pairing your kurti with one of these other items of wear.


While it is not as popular as the kurti with pants combo, the kurti with skirt is chic and very appealing. The kurti with skirt look is ideal for informal and outdoors occasions. It goes very well with embellishments and accessories, which also includes embroidery and crafts. Asymmetrical kurtis will work with a skirt, but simpler designs and minimalist options such as the A line kurti will pair best with a skirt.


The kurti with salwar is a popular combo for a classic look. Salwars are spacious, light and comfortable pants that are a common feature of Indian fashion. Like pajamas, these bottoms are great for pairing with a kurti. They are versatile, and often come in lively color choices that allow you to tailor your attire to your style. If you are interested in a comfortable and stylish look, the kurti with salwar could be a great option.

Dhoti pants

For an edgy kurti themed look that is always in style, a dhoti pants pairing could be ideal. These lively and vibrant pants remain popular for their edge and standout style. Dhoti pants are a fashion statement by themselves, and they will infuse a lot of character into your look. If you are planning your attire for a casual day out or a semi formal event, the kurti with dhoti pants pairing could have you stand out from the crowd.


Jeans offer a modern fusion of styles, which is why they are a very popular option for the Indo-western kurti. They are available in form-fitting range of colors and styles, which allows you to customize your look down to the thread. Skinny jeans with gown length kurti combination can be a great fit even for some semi-formal occasions! There are a few styles of jeans available, which means you should be able to diversify your kurti with jeans look as well.

Skinny leggings

Skinny leggings offer incredible value for a kurti themed wardrobe. They are light and comfortable, and available in a large selection of colors and fits. Skinny leggings will pair well with your kurta for a comfortable and low key look. They make a great outfit for daily wear, as well as for informal use.

Innovative kurti ideas from old sarees

If you are looking to turn up your wardrobe, you could make use of some of your old sarees. With the right expertise and a bit of innovation, you may not even have to invest extensively in many kurtis. But what styling options could you consider?

Old silk sarees into anarkali kurtis

Anarkali kurtis are gorgeous informal attire that can be worn to weddings, festivals and parties. They are straightforward, and may even be worn as dresses. While most plain sarees will work, silk sarees are a great choice. Remember to use the saree border as your anarkali border for a customized design. We also like matching leggings and churidar pants for a chic look.

Sarees into long kurtis with an open back

The open back design of evening gowns can be pulled off with your old saree. The cut out back will require some expertise to get right, but it can be an elegant experimental option. For long kurtis with a cut out back, we recommend going for sarees that feature prints and designs for a more colorful look.

Sarees into various slit kurti styles

If you are looking for custom designed kurti with a slit, turning your old saree into stylish options could be one way to go. Your old sarees will be very easy to tailor into middle slit kurtis of different lengths for different needs. We like these paired with jeans, palazzo pants and even leggings.

Straight brocade kurtas from cotton sarees

Your brocade and cotton sarees could work as straight brocade kurtis. The trending and very stylish kurti variant is versatile, and work for official and informal uses. We recommend pairing the brocade kurti with cigarette pants or a skirt depending on what occasion you plan to attend.

Overlapping kurti from a georgette or net saree

Net and georgette sarees are stylish and lightweight. They can be comfortable but will be very difficult to work with. With the right expertise, you should be able to turn the overlapping collar pattern around the neck into your kurti border. We recommend this trendy kurti for daily wear.

Kaftan kurtis from cotton sarees

Kaftan kurtis are comfortable and loose. They are great for warmer months, with some fabric options allowing for consistent comfort. Cotton is a great choice for kaftan kurtis, with minimal tailoring needs compared to more detailed kurtis featured. We also recommend chiffon, with lace seams around the edges.

Final word

Let’s face it, the kurti is here to stay. The attractive item of clothing has won over popularity around the world, gaining new admirers everyday. If you are going for a kurti, you will have to look into a few factors to help make sure it is an ideal fit for your size and body type. In order to make your kurti unique to you, it is important that you look into handy styling tips that capture your persona. We hope that our detailed style guide has offered a few handy tips to help you get started. With attention to detail and the right guide, you should be able to find an ideal kurti trend for you.

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