Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review

Hey everyone, today I’m going to review the Vanesa Glam Deo Mist that I’ve been using for the past few weeks. The deo spray comes in a vibrant red colored tin bottle with a plastic cap. The bottle is not very bulky and you can easily carry it in your purse while traveling. The product related important information is also mentioned on the bottle. The price of the Vanesa Glam Deo Mist is Rs.150 for 150ml and you can buy it from local departmental/beauty stores.

Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review

My Experience: I personally prefer roll-on deodorants over spray ones and Nivea & Dove are my all time favorite brands among them. I got this Vanesa Glam Deo Mist as a PR sample a few months back. Firstly I was a bit skeptical about using this deo as Vanesa is not a much-known brand. But then I thought why not to give it a try at least once. I sprinted 2-3 sprays of this deo mist on my underarm areas. To my surprise, it didn’t sting at all and there were 80-90% mist and very less gas. Additionally, it smelt a pleasant soft sweet floral scent which I really liked. Another thing I liked about it is its longer effective time as it lingers on for good 15-20 hrs.

Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review

Reasons to buy Vanesa Glam Deo Mist:

  • An alcohol-free deodorant that doesn’t sting to the underarm area.
  • It is very gentle on the sensitive underarm area and you can apply it even on freshly shaved underarms.
  • It has a sweet floral fragrance that will easily last for 15-20 hrs.
  • It contains a maximum amount of mist and very less gas.
  • It doesn’t stain clothes.
  • Very affordable.
  • Easily available.

Reasons to avoid Vanesa Glam Deo Mist:

  • It is not an antiperspirant deo, it means it’ll not control sweat.
  • Since fragrance is a subjective thing, some ladies might not like its sweet flowery scent.

Vanesa Glam Deo Mist ReviewVanesa Glam Deo Mist Review Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review

Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review

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