Vatika hair care brand has launched the Vatika Brave & Beautiful range, specially designed for cancer patients. The range includes a hair oil and a shampoo, that are specially designed and dermatologically tested for the sensitive hair & scalp of cancer patients. These hair care products are very mild and come without harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphate, etc. These products claim to be gentle but effective and provide deep nourishment to the hair & scalp.

Vatika Brave & Beautiful Shampoo, Oil

Vatika Brave & Beautiful Oil : It is enriched with the blend of purest oils for the most sensitive scalps. It has anti-inflammatory action and helps accelerate new hair growth. This mild hair oil gently nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the scalp & hair.

Vatika Brave & Beautiful Shampoo : It is formulated with natural herbs, extracts, vitamin and mild surfactant. It gently but effectively cleanses the hair & scalp. It nourishes , prevents dryness, restores damaged cells, promotes hair growth and protects against hair damage.

How to use :

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Product Claims :

The Vatika Brave & Beautiful range is the first of its kind, specially designed and dermatologically tested for the sensitive hair & scalp of cancer patients. Keeping the medical history and current requirement of its users in mind, these products are mild, contain no harmful chemicals and are enriched with olive oil extracts for the delicate cleansing of sensitive hair & scalp.

What makes Vatika Brave & Beautiful special?

  • No colour
  • No paraben
  • No sulphate
  • No tears
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Moisturizes
  • Mild on sensitive skin
  • Gentle but effective
  • Rich & Nourishing
  • Pleasant sensorial experience
  • Maintains pH between 5.5-6



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