Vedic Line Banana Pulp Mask Review

Hello everyone, today I’m going to share my view about Vedic Line Banana Pulp Mask. About a month back I saw this mask at and I ordered it along with few more products from this brand and this is my first ever product from Vedic Line. Face masks are my newly found love and I prefer to use organic face masks as they are comparatively less harmful than other cosmetic brands. Before starting the review of this product I would like to tell you guys that I have a combination skin with acne scars, black/white heads, open pores and many other skin issues. So these days I am choosing products that are not harsh on my skin, that is why I am trying some new brand products. The reason why I bought this particular mask is its main ingredient i.e, Banana Pulp and banana is my favorite fruit. I have already used this mask thrice and now I decided to review this face mask.

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Packaging : It comes in a bright orange plastic tub with screw cap. I personally don’t like tub packaging specially for masks as it is very tacky and unhygienic to get product out of pot. I prefer to use plastic spoon to scoop out the product and then use it.

My Experience : Vedic Line is not a popular brand, so initially I hesitated to use this product. I used this product only after reading few positive reviews about some of the Vedic Line products. Winters are almost over but my skin still feels a bit dry and dull, so today I decided to pamper my skin using this mask. As soon as you open this jar you can smell a fruity banana fragrance that you would definitely want to taste. As banana is my favorite fruit so it is very difficult for me to resist myself from tasting it. This mask has a off white color and has a thick consistency. Its creamy texture glides smoothly onto skin and spreads easily.

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After cleaning my face I used a mild scrub to exfoliate my skin and then I applied this mask evenly on my skin. I scooped out a generous amount of this mask with a plastic spoon and spread in all over my face and neck using my fingers. It didn’t sting on my sensitive skin, so sensitive skin beauties can also use this mask. Make sure to apply neither thick nor thin layer of this mask. It felt very light on skin and I did not feel tightening of skin. After 15 minutes I washed off this mask using sponge, the mask was still moist at that time (it is advised to wash off this mask when it is moist). First time when I used this mask I let it completely dry and I really had a tough time to rinsed it off. I think it is convenient to clean this mask using a sponge, otherwise it will take 5-10 minutes to wash it off.

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I completed my mini facial by applying my favorite Oxyglow Aloe-vera & Apply massage gel (click here to view full review of Oxyglow massage gel). My skin felt soft and smooth after using this mask. This mask does not makes skin dry, even it hydrates skin. It is pretty decent face mask that nourishes your skin and provides mild glow on skin. But as far as blemishes are concerned they are still there, I don’t think it will help to reduce blemishes. But if you are looking for some mild face mask to rejuvenate your skin then Vedic Line Banana mask is a worth giving a try. This face mask is pocket friendly and you can easily carry this mask with you while traveling. The quantity of the mask is enough for 10-15 applications, only a small amount of product is required to cover whole face and neck. The only issue that I found is its packaging, I would love it more if it comes in squeeze tube.

Vedic Line Banana Pulp Mask Price in India : Rs.180 for 65ml

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What I Liked :

  • Herbal products
  • Yummy fragrance
  • Creamy texture
  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Hydrates skin
  • Easy availability

What I Disliked :

  • Packaging could have been better
  • Its claim to reduce blemishes

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Product Information :

Name : Vedic Line Banana Pulp Mask with skin firming ingredients
Claim : Smooths & Revitalizes skin.  Fresh & creamy, rejuvenates & imparts vitality. Reduces minor blemishes. Suits all skin Types. The Banana Pulp Mask is a herbal mask that renews healthy cells and gives youthful look & glow.
Usage : Apply on moist skin for 20-30 mins, clean when semi-dry
Ingredients : Water, Bentonite, Kaolin, Banana pulp & Almond oil
Shelf Life : 3 years

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