VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit Review

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Today I’m sharing my views on VLCC De-Pigmentation Facial Kit. As name suggests this facial kit is specially designed for pigmented and tanned skin. It claims to reduce blemishes and uneven skin tone and also Improve Skin Clarity.

vlcc depigmentation facial kit


Packaging : It comes in a large dark & light blue rectangular box (this is salon exclusive kit) that contains 6 facial kits and each of those facial kits has 4 small sachets of De-Pigmentation Cream, De-Pigmentation Powder, De-Pigmentation Oil and De-Pigmentation pack.

My Experience : I bought the salon exclusive packet of VLCC De-Pigmentation Facial Kit that contains six facials kits. Each facial kit contains four small sachets each of 10g. I bought this particular facial kit because from past 1 year I’m facing skin tanning and skin blemishes. I have very sensitive skin which is much prone to sun burns, pimples and rashes. I find this facial kit quite helpful in reducing pigmentation and lightening spots or marks. The whole process of facial is bit time consuming as it involves 3 steps, but it gives you good results. Ok lets start with the facial kit, this facial involves 3 steps :

vlcc depigmentation facial kit

1. VLCC De-Pigmentation Powder : This is a cleansing powder with the goodness of Long Pepper & Gooseberry and is helpful in removing dead epithelial cells. It revitalizes the skin, tightens the pores and lightens blemishes and dark spots. After Cleaning my face and neck thoroughly, I took an appropriate amount of this powder and mixed it with orange juice, you can use any citrus fruit (use only mausami juice if you have sensitive skin). Then I gently applied paste on my face and neck. It do stings a bit but that’s quite bearable. Once the paste got dried I washed it off with running water (they suggested to wipe clean but its totally up to you).

vlcc depigmentation facial kit 4

2. VLCC De-Pigmentation Cream : This is the second step for the facial. This cream contains Liquorice Extract and Lemon Grass Oil that is helpful in nourishing your skin and lightening blemishes, freckles, dark spots and rejuvenates the skin.

vlcc depigmentation facial kit 6

3. VLCC De-Pigmentation Oil : This is the 3rd step and main ingredients of this oil are Carrot Seed Oil and Wheatgem Oil. This oil penetrates deep in the skin and helps in de-pigmentation and skin lightening. It makes your skin clean, clear and glowing. 2nd and 3rd steps are basically performed together as you have to mix the cream and the oil provided in the kit. This is my favorite step, I mixed cream & oil and massaged it gently over the face and neck in circular motion with upwards outwards strokes as mentioned on the kit for 15 minutes or until it get absorbed by my skin. I concentrated on the problematic areas like my cheeks, nose and chin. Then I wiped it off hot water damped cotton.

vlcc depigmentation facial kit 5

4. VLCC De-Pigmentation Pack : Last step involves cream pack. This cream pack contains Sandalwood and Wheat Germ Oil. It is very helpful in lightening, fading skin discoloration and leaves you with revitalized and nourished skin. Finally the Last step, I mixed given powder with orange juice and applied all over my face and neck and massaged for 2 min and then reapplied it. I don’t find any difference in first and last step. But in order to complete the facial process I don’t mind doing this. This paste also stung on my skin and brought few tears in my eyes. Now you have to wait 15-20 minutes to let it dry. I usually watch TV or listen to music during this time. After around 20 minutes I washed my face and I finished my facial by applying aloevera gel all over my face & neck. It took me 1 Hr to complete my facial. In the end all my efforts paid out in the form of soft and glowing skin and my blemishes were less visible.

vlcc depigmentation facial kit 7

I’m not saying that this facial will do magic on your skin or remove your dark spots and blemishes in one go, but its frequent use (say once in 15 days) will definitely give you some visible result. In my case it worked good and reduced my blemishes up to a certain extent. I think women who have blemishes and age spots should give it a try as it is very easy to use and is available at an affordable price. But one major problem with this kit is its packaging. It comes in sachets and each sachet contains more than required product for a single facial. So after one facial the remaining content of the sachet is wasted as it is not possible to store it once opened. Otherwise you can close it by stapling or by using a tape but it is a messy work to do.

VLCC Depigmentation Facial Kit Price in India : Rs.720/6 equal to Rs.120 per facial

vlcc depigmentation facial kit 8

Use this facial kit and share your experience with us. If you find this review helpful, please comment and give your valuable feedback.

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  1. nice treatment…i also have skin tanning problem but after having this traetment i find good result

  2. I just want to know..i have pigmentation on face but it is minor..on uper lip its lighten and on my chicks its also lighten..so this facial kit should i take or not..ir this is for whose have major pigmentation problem over all the face..
    Pls suggest

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