Votre Microdermabrasion Gel Review

Hey everyone, today I’m reviewing the Votre Microdermabrasion Gel which I received in my Fab Bag last year. Votre is a Bio-Cosmetic skincare brand based in India with exclusive range of skincare products incorporated with the latest innovative molecules which are botanical in nature and are 100% vegan.

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Packaging : Votre Microdermabrasion Gel comes in a clear plastic jar with a screw cap. The product name, claims, ingredients and other information is written on the blue label. The packaging is compact and leakage-proof, so you can easily carry it while traveling.

Texture & Fragrance : Votre Microdermabrasion Gel is transparent in color and contains loads of fine exfoliating granules. It has a sticky gel like consistency and has a weird fragrance, (exactly like the Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35 which I’ve already reviewed).

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Efficacy : I generally take a small amount of this gel using a plastic spoon and massage it gently on my wet face. It spreads easily on the damp skin and exfoliates the skin very well. The scrubbing granules are very fine and doesn’t feel harsh on the skin while scrubbing. It doesn’t form any lather but effectively removes dead cells from the skin’s surface. It can be washed off easily with normal tap water. After its usage my skin feels soft, smooth snd glowing. It extracts whiteheads and blackheads (not the stubborn ones) from the skin and leaves the skin visibly clear & refreshed. It is quite moisturizing and does its job nicely without overly drying my skin. I’m using this moisturising gel thrice a week and it helps keep my skin whiteheads free. I’ve acne prone oily skin and I’ve not seen any breakout or irritation after using this gel for more than a month.

Price & Availability : Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35 price in India is Rs.810 for 30ml. It is not easily available at local stores, but you can buy it online from Jabong.com, Fabbag.com or Purplle.com.

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What I Liked about Votre Microdermabrasion Gel :

  • Clear gel based formula exfoliates the skin very well.
  • Scrubbing granules are very mild and don’t irritate my sensitive acne prone skin.
  • Extracts dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads effectively.
  • Very moisturizing and my skin doesn’t feel stretchy after its usage.
  • Makes the skin soft, smooth and imparts a nice glow on the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Can also be used by men.
  • A small amount is required and this 30g jar will easily last up to 2 months.
  • Formulated with 100% vegan ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals.
  • Can be bought online from Jabong.com, Purplle.com and Fabbag.com.

What I Disliked about Votre Microdermabrasion Gel :

  • Quite expensive.
  • Unhygienic tub packaging.
  • Not very effective in removing stubborn blackheads.
  • Not easily available offline.

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Votre Microdermabrasion Gel Review

Product Information :
Name : Votre Microdermabrasion Gel
Shelf Life : 30 months
Claims, Usage & Ingredients :
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