Hey everyone, today I am reviewing the Votre Pore Shrink Toner which I have been using for some time. I have a combination oily skin with large open pores in my inner cheek area. A good toner is the only solution to shrink those large pores. So I bought this toner a few months back from Jabong.com.

Votre Pore Shrink Toner Review, price

Packaging : The pore shrink toner comes in a white plastic bottle with spray dispenser which is covered with a plastic cap. All the product information is provided on the bottle along with the ingredients list.

Votre Pore Shrink Toner Review

What I Liked about Votre Pore Shrink Toner :

  • I really like its hygienic and convenient to use spray bottle packaging.
  • The pore shrink toner comes in a light blue color and has a mild fragrance.
  • After cleansing my face, I generally spray this toner on a cotton pad and gently dab it on my face and neck.
  • It doesn’t sting to my sensitive acne prone skin.
  • It effectively removes all impurities, makeup residue and sebum from pores.
  • My skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy after its usage (it doesn’t rip off the moisture from the skin, even it hydrates skin pretty well.)
  • After its usage my skin feels refreshed and hydrated.
  • It does shrink the pore size but up to certain extent (don’t expect it to shrink your pores completely, no product can do that.)
  • It controls sebum and helps in preventing blackheads and whiteheads.
  • You can use it directly on your face, you will need just 5 sprays to cover your whole face.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is very long lasting, this 100ml bottle will easily last for 2 months when used twice a day.
  • It is easily available at many online shopping websites.
  • It is non-comedogenic, hypoallergic and dermatologists tested.

Votre Pore Shrink Toner Review, packaging, price

What I Disliked about Votre Pore Shrink Toner:

  • The packaging is not travel-friendly as the toner spills out of the bottle while on the move. If I have to carry this toner, I usually seal its mouth with a tape and place it inside a zip-lock pouch.
  • Availability might be an issue.
  • A little expensive.

Votre Pore Shrink Toner Price in India: Rs.360 for 100ml

Votre Pore Shrink Toner Review 2

Product Information:
Name: Votre Pore Shrink Toner
Shelf Life: 30 months
Votre Pore Shrink Toner Review Claims: Votre Pore Shrink Toner ( Hydra Mist ) is one toner that de-stresses the body and boosts the health of your skin. Enriched with botanical extracts along with bio-flavonoids, this one is truly worth its value. Make your skin flawless and healthy.
Ingredients: Malaleuca altrnifolia, Allation vitis, Venifera Aloe Barbedensis

Votre Pore Shrink Toner Review

Does what it claims
Value for money
Best among the competition



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