W2 (Why Wait) Apricot Face Wash Review

Hey everyone, today I am going to review a recently launched face wash from a new beauty brand W2 (Why Wait). Some days back I shared a list of W2 skin care & hair products which I bought a month back. I have started using most of these products and now I decided to share my experience starting with W2 (Why Wait) Apricot Face Wash. I have been using this face wash for last two weeks and now I am good to go with its review.

w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review

Packaging : W2 Aricot face wash comes in a black plastic bottle with a broad mouth pump system. The bottle was placed inside a light yellow colored carton that contains all product information. The bottle comes with a click lock cap which makes it a travel friendly product. You will be unable to see how much product is left due to its opaque packaging. I find the packaging sturdy, travel friendly but not so attractive.

w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review

My Experience : I am in my late 20s and have a combination skin with few acne scars and light blemishes. I bought this face wash for its claims of containing anti-ageing & de-pigmentation agents and also improving skin elasticity. It is a foam based face wash, so very little rub is required to wash the face. It has refreshing apricot fragrance which I found a little overpowering initially but it goes off after few seconds.

w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 10

I generally take two pumps of this face wash on to my palm and then massage it gentle all over my wet face & neck. It lathers up pretty well and comes out quite easily with few splashes of water. It removes dirt, dust and light makeup very effectively. It reduces oil secretion up to certain extent. It doesn’t make my skin dry or stretchy even it imparts healthy glow on my skin which is not long lasting. It doesn’t sting to my acne prone sensitive skin, nor does it break me out.

w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 7

I am using this face wash once in a day specially in morning. A little amount is required during each use and this 50ml bottle will last for 40-45 days when used once in a day. It is a pretty decent face wash that cleanses skin nicely but I haven’t seen any lightening of acne scars or pigmentation, it might require a more time to show these results. I got a 25ml free sample of W2 Cranberry Body Wash along with this face wash.

w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review

W2 (Why Wait) Apricot Face Wash Price in India : Rs.175 for 50ml

What I Liked :

  • Pump packaging makes it hygienic & convenient to use
  • Foaming face wash
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Cleanses skin pretty well
  • Hydrates skin without making it oily or patchy
  • Works up into nice lather & comes out easily
  • Makes skin oil free for 3-4 hours
  • List of natural ingredients
  • Paraben free
  • Easily available online at Jabong.com & Nykaa.com
  • Got a free sample of Cranberry body wash

w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 8

What I Disliked :

  • Packaging should have been better/more attractive
  • Contains sulphate & alcohol
  • Not easily available at stores
  • Price is bit high for quantity
  • Its claim of lightening pigmentation has failed after one month usage

Product Information : 

NameW2 (Why Wait) Apricot Face Wash
Claims :
w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 5
Benefits :
w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 4
Usage :
w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 3
Ingredients :
w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 2
Shelf Life : 30 months

w2 (why wait) apricot face wash review 9

28 Replies to “W2 (Why Wait) Apricot Face Wash Review”

  1. Love your detailed review. But for me I have the same skin type and I guess alcohol would dry me out and too much drying out can cause more pimples and acne. Also the price is a factor. Btw thnkz for the review.

  2. Hey….hello…I’m having one doubt…
    Is this face wash only for pigmentation skin only or else anybody can use????
    I’m 22 years old. .
    I’m having pimples. ..
    Will u recommend me face wash and moisturiser

  3. Comment:i like this product ..but sorry for asking becoz i want to know where is center of this product ..my friend asked me ..she know the center where this product actually made and kept..if answer me then i ll let her know ..plz plz reply me

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