W2 (Why Wait) Skin Care & Hair Care Products Haul

Hey everyone, today I am going to share W2 (Why Wait) Skin Care & Hair Care Products which I bought online from Homeshop18.com. I bought these products two weeks back and I have already started using few of them. W2 (Why Wait) range is launched recently by Life Essentials Pvt Ltd, who claim that these products are a quest in the field of preventive cosmetology and they believe in the concept, prevention is better than cure, so why wait for tomorrow when you can act today. When I saw W2 products online, I can’t resist myself from buying few of them. All the products are nicely placed inside golden cartons which contain product name and other information. I bought total of 6 products from this range. Now lets talk about each product individually :

w2 (why wait) skin care 2

W2 (Why Wait) Insta Glow Facial Kit :
w2 (why wait) facial kit 1

The facial kit contains four product – Face wash, Scrub, Gel and Serum. All the four products come in small black plastic bottles with screw caps. This facial kit claims to remove fine lines, anti aging, black heads and sun & age spots. This facial kit is good enough for 5 applications. I will come up with the detailed review of this facial kit after using it few times.
W2 (Why Wait) Insta Glow Facial Kit Price in India : Rs. 249 for 25ml x 4

W2 (Why Wait) Apple Shampoo :
w2 (why wait) apple shampoo

The shampoo comes in a black plastic bottle with flip open cap. It is off white color liquid which has strong apple fragrance. It claims to strengthens & smoothens hair and controls split ends. They also provide a 25ml sample of Apply conditioner free with this shampoo.
W2 (Why Wait) Apple Shampoo Price in India : Rs.160 for 100ml

W2 (Why Wait) Apple Conditioner :
w2 (why wait) apple conditioner

The packaging is exactly the same as of the shampoo bottle. It has off white color and has runny consistency. It also has strong apple fragrance. I got 25ml sample of Apple Shampoo free with this conditioner.
W2 (Why Wait) Apple Conditioner Price in India : Rs.160 for 50ml

W2 (Why Wait) Cranberry Hydrating Body Wash
w2 (why wait) cranberry hydrating body wash

It comes in a sleek black plastic bottle with pump dispenser. It is a transparent gel that has very refreshing fragrance. I have used it few times and soon I will come up with its detailed review. Again I got 25ml sample of Ivory Peach Moisturizer free with this body wash.
W2 (Why Wait) Cranberry Hydrating Body Wash Price in India : Rs.135 for 100ml

W2 (Why Wait) Ivory Peach Moisturizer
w2 (why wait) ivory peach moisturizer

I bought 50ml bottle of this moisturizer. It also comes in an opaque plastic bottle with pump dispenser. The moisturizer has white color and has strong fragrance that lasts for long. It is very lightweight and hydrates skin very well without making skin oily. It claims to remove dark circles & spots, reduce oil secretion and whitens skin tone. Again I got 25ml sample of Apple shampoo free.
W2 (Why Wait) Ivory Peach Moisturizer Price in India : Rs.180 for 50ml

W2 (Why Wait) Apricot Face Wash
w2 (why wait) apricot face wash

The last product which I bought is an Apricot face wash that comes in same black bottle with pump dispenser with broad mouth. It features – foaming face wash, Anti-ageing, De-pigmentation agent, improves skin elasticity. With this face wash I got 25ml sample of Cranberry Hydrating body wash.
W2 (Why Wait) Apricot Face Wash Price in India : Rs.175 for 50ml

w2 (why wait) skin care 1

What I Liked : 

  • Sturdy travel friendly packaging
  • All products are free from paraben
  • List of natural ingredients
  • Not very expensive
  • Free samples are provided with each product
  • Available online at Homeshop18.com

What I Disliked :

  • Packaging should have been better
  • Strong fragrance
  • Not easily available
  • High claims

w2 (why wait) skin care

You can check out the complete range of W2 (Why Wait ) products at their website – lifeessentials.co.in

14 Replies to “W2 (Why Wait) Skin Care & Hair Care Products Haul”

  1. Hii… Liked ur survey on w2 products… Is w2 an Indian brand? Plzz tell me which product should be must have of w2? And also tell me that these anti ageing kits should be used by 40+ or any one can use this like who is in 20s!!!

  2. Hi frds,,,it’s very very superb product ,,I like w2 sampoo, moisture,day and night cream,face wash am using

  3. I hv 16 years experience in cosmetics skin care and hair care.i am looking for job.if u hv any vacancies in your company .plz write a mail.

  4. I’ve bought some of these products and use it for a while.. I don’t love it,, it irritates my skin + i don’t like the fact that it contains too much fragrance.. In my opinion I don’t think a Skincare product needs to contain fragrance,, instead i prefer to use fragrance spray.

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