Empower Retirement Review (www.empower-retirement.com)

It’s only natural that when retirement looms we look into things that could possibly take care, protect, and grow our hard-earned money. There are a lot of ways to do so and a lot of places to go to when indeed the time comes and you decide to invest. We will learn all about that in this Empower Retirement review

You have the stock market, bonds, mutual funds, and a lot more options to choose from. Perhaps something that has caught in the past few years is hedge funds. Through the help of trusted hedge fund managers, people are starting to see the benefit of this type of investment and how it could grow their financial portfolio fast and easy.

About Empower Retirement:

Empower Retirement boasts to be the 2nd largest retirement services provider in the USA. They serve more than 40,000 plans across 9.6 million participants. The company’s sole focus is on retirement, and its vast expertise encompasses all plan types, market segments, and company sizes.

They take pride in innovative tools, and above and beyond service to deliver only the best available options and sound strategies for their clients. They work hard to ensure that the money you’ve earned and saved will pay dividends and work for you throughout your retirement.

The company has a three-pronged approach, specific for the individual, employer, and their partners.

Empowering people by personalized retirement planning, make it easier to understand and make it more accessible.

Empower employers by exceeding expectations utilizing solutions that make everyone’s job easier regardless of the type of their retirement plans and size.

Empower partners by ensuring clients succeed through shared commitment and partnership.

By the numbers:

  • Second-largest retirement services company in the country
  • 9.6 million participants in our plans2
  • $583 billion assets under administration
  • 29 best-in-class awards and 16 service commendations
  • Over 40,000 retirement plans under administration
  • No. 1 choice of industry profession

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Services offered by Empower Retirement

As part of our Empower Retirement review let’s dig in deeper to the different types of services that they offer. As mentioned, they cater to individuals, employers and they also have partners. Here we discuss what they have to offer for each sector. This should you identify which category you and your needs fall under.


Congratulations! We’ll in advance that is — since you’re here then you’ve taken one huge step to ensure you and your hard-earned funds continue to grow when the time comes to retire.

This should also be a huge step in not only securing but also making sure life after retirement is fun and still be exciting. Fewer worries, less hassle, just pure enjoyment.

Empower Retirement offers an intuitive retirement planning experience to help people like you to prepare for tomorrow. All of that while still enjoying today! The goal here is to help make better decisions to achieve better results.

This is an experience centered on the personal projections of your retirement income. You will gain the ability to know the effects of any changes that you do would have on your retirement income. You will have the ability to see education and communications whenever you want and wherever you are.

Empower Retirement offers innovative tools and services to figure out only the best strategies and options to help keep the funds you’ve saved to keep on working for you.

You’ll have an experience focused on you! Personalize retirement planning is concocted every time Empower Retirement interacts with you. This is to help you reach set goals through actionable and simple information plus resources.

This customized retirement strategy with their patented “My Total Retirement™” plan will make sure your customized investment plan is professionally organized, and undergo reviews and is adjusted with you as your situation changes.

They promise to help you remove any financial barriers that would prevent you from sufficiently replacing the income you made while working for life.

You’ll have more ways to save with holistic approaches that would help you to and through retirement that includes roll-in and rollover services, IRA options, and annuities.


You can choose from more than 130 mutual funds through a variety of asset classes or you may consider Empower brokerage for more choices. This is available in both the Roth IRA and traditional IRA which should fit your investing strategy.

Roll-in Services

Get only the best professional help that you need when you consider consolidating your retirement assets right into your Empower plan.

Plan Sponsors

Empower Retirement is committed to empowering your employees. This process assures us to save enough working toward a secure retirement from this day forward. Results focused outlook is the key ingredient.

Here are key approaches that the company promotes:

  • Maintain singular focus on retirement
  • Engage employees with only the best innovative resources
  • Simplify administration with an intuitive and modern platform
  • Provide service focused on excellent results
  • Deliver the most meaningful and measurable value


Here are some of Empower Retirement’s suite of products plus their services driven only by innovation to be smarter, better, and make everything simpler.


Service excellence focused on results is what this provider takes pride in it doesn’t matter if you’re interacting with their participant services center or maybe working with an Empower relationship manager.


Their innovative tools will help you as an employer to engage your employees and manage your plans easily.

Investment Options

It’s all about taking your plans to the next level with open-architecture platform design. This includes customized investment products and helpful advisory services.

Plan Administration

Tap into their industry knowledge and experience to easily manage your plan.


Innovation has been said multiple times throughout this review and rightfully so, that may well be the core of Empower Retirement’s philosophy. It drives everything that they do and also everything that they do has a sole focus on helping people achieve much covered financial independence.

Pushing beyond the status quo in order to deliver only outstanding products, excellent service, and retirement solutions. Here are some of the services they offer.

Customized Retirement Strategy

Empower Retirement Advisory Services will help you meet any of your fiduciary obligations and at the same time provide personalized recommendations plus strategies to help you help your employees reach retirement goals.

Financial Wellness

Empower Retirement’s approach to education aims to provide employees with vital information, solutions, and much needed resources that will help them take the reign on their finances.

Enhanced Benefit Services

You will also have an opportunity to create benefits programs for your beloved employees.

Public Policy

The company will also act as your advocate in Washington, D.C. when it comes to retirement issues and regulations plus to be an enforcer for positive change.

Retirement Solutions

Empower Retirement claims to be the best at providing protection for the tax-deferred status of employee funds and consolidating assets for those who join or decides to leave your company.

Retirement services and solutions are provided for companies of all sizes and types.

  • Small to Mid
  • Large to Mega
  • Multiple-Employer
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Government

Financial Professionals

Empower Retirement always looks forward to the future. Always the pioneer and a trailblazer in helping their clients to pursue financial independence.

As a partner, here are their key values:

  • Service Excellence
  • Constant Innovation
  • Public Policy
  • Outstanding People

Empower Retirement aims to work with Financial Professionals, Advisors, Third-Party Administrators, and Consultants. With a sole focus on monthly income in retirement, they apply their core values with decades of experience to help you as a partner to create the best retirement experience for your clients’ employees.

You and your clients will be offered a new participant experience design for projected monthly income when retirement comes. This comes with a focus on end-to-end service excellence and high-quality and wide-ranging investment options.

You’ll also experience a modern proprietary record keeping system. You’ll get high value for your benefits dollars. And lastly, sophisticated tools to measure and engage results.

Empower Select™

Empower Select is a new value-focused retirement plan specifically designed to help emerging organizations to save time, increase efficiencies, and reduce cost. It is an experience that interacts with employees and helps them take positive actions.


Another offering from Empower Retirement is PartnerLink. This suite is designed to enable advisors and third-party administrator partners to have an in-depth view of the company’s recordkeeping system and in turn be more efficient in servicing their clients.

PartnerLink empowers its partners to have always accurate and current information throughout the business they are providing.


This innovative and powerful application provides a complete view of retirement plans that you can avail. It’s unprecedented and would definitely make it easier for you to optimize your plan design. With this suite you will:

  • Have an unprecedented view of plan data
  • Be able to model plan features and costs
  • Be able to view the retirement readiness of the participants
  • Be able to compare participant savings in the potential plan versus the current plan enhancements

This is a suite of services designed solely to help your clients tackle their administrative and fiduciary responsibilities. They will have access to a select menu of more than a thousand investment options from only the best and most recognized investment managers.

These features are innovative digital platforms that will enable your clients to view, manage, and optimize their plans easily.

Opinions About Empower Retirement

A good review shouldn’t be complete without research is done on the opinions of people who’s has interactions, worked with, and availed of what Empower Retirement offers. We scoured the internet and checked some legit sources to get valuable insights about this retirement services provider’s well – service!

What do customers say about the service provider?

Newsweek has ranked Empower Retirement among the best companies for customer service way back in 2018. That goes to show the positive results that the passion and dedication this company puts into their services.

It’s definitely at top of the retirement planning services industry. This is all based on a collected total of 132,954 of customer feedbacks among U.S. customers. They were asked if they would recommend the brand to family and friends.

Some areas that were evaluated were the quality of communications, range of services, technical competence, customer focus, and accessibility. Apparently, the feedbacks were mostly positive and look like Empower Retirement aced this part. It’s a company that provides a legit and wide range of opportunities for everyone who decides to journey with them.

But of course, Empower Retirement is not without its detractors, we’ve dug a little deeper and found some more user feedback.

Some people claim that their customer service is not that all good. They give incorrect answers to questions and technical queries and the participant website also needs some upgrade.

Most feedbacks say that before deciding a hundred percent on choosing Empower Retirement, like any other major decisions you do in life that you should check their portfolio thoroughly first as their At A Glance suites would not provide all the important details that would prove valuable later on.

What do employees say about the service provider?

The service provider has mostly positive reviews from its own employees. Employees say that Empower promotes a culture that is very interested in stability. They value people that have the dedication to stay for years. The pay is good for the job you’re given.

A common negative feedback is that there’s an apparent disconnect with upper management and floor operations.

Pros and Cons of Empower Retirement are as follows:


– You’ll have access to superbly detailed account information

– They have a user interface that’s easy to navigate, customizable and manageable

– You’ll have access to a large selection of mutual funds

– Access to innovative and valuable retirement planning tools

– You’ll be educated by only the top financial advisors


– Empower Retirement has debatable improvements in terms of quality for their slightly expensive premium suites. It may not be worth it.

Empower Retirement Customer Service

With our research, we found out that Empower Retirement’s customer service has had mixed feedback from customers. There’s a definite need for more technical training and better customer service as most often the complaints were about the lack of knowledge on certain subject matters that needs immediate solutions.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Empower Retirement

We answer some of your burning questions right here in this section. But this ain’t your average FAQs as we will be more detailed in our approach as we give you answers to crucial inquiries. Let’s go on right ahead.

Why stock market investment is a good idea for early retirement?

Where do we start? There are numerous advantages to invest early especially in the stock market for your retirement. May it be early retirement or not it’s a perfect way to let your money grow and be protected.

It’s not that it’s not a good idea, it’s that you need to make sure that you know what you are doing should you decide to do so.

When you decide to invest in the stock market then you give your hard-earned money a chance to work for you. It would pay dividends figuratively and literally. All you need to do is get a provider or a person who will guide you along the way. Capitalist Exploits is here so here out their chat group at Telegram for free!

How does stock market investments help to protect and grow your wealth?

There are four main reasons why you should invest in the stock market. You’ll have investment gains, dividend income, diverse options, and ownership. It’s the perfect way to protect and let your hard-earned money grow and work for you.

Through investment gains, you’ll be sure to grow your money in time. It may be slow or will literally be a rollercoaster ride with all the ups and downs in the stock market. But with expert advice and if you arm yourself with the knowledge that you need then it should be steady enough for you to gain in due time.

Your dividend income should be enough to pay for your retirement or at best give you more funds to invest some more. Dividend income comes mostly yearly and even if the stock you invested in failed to make any money, you’ll most likely still receive a yearly income.

One such technique to make sure that you gain in the stock market is when you invest in multiple types of stocks. The market will give you the opportunity to invest in multiple sectors or categories in the business world. So you’ll have a chance to invest in a wide range of products and categories.

Lastly, you’ll gain ownership of the company that you invest in. This comes with benefits, privileges, and rights now that you will a piece of the company. It may be tough at times but it should be a fun learning experience too.

Why it is important to learn from professionals before investing in stocks?

Have you heard of the phrase that humans are wired to be bad investors? They say that this is because of the flight or fight response that our brains are accustomed to for millions of years. So having said that, we may not be brave enough to face the challenges of an up and down stock market.

So maybe we fear losing our money too much and pull out or maybe we don’t invest at all. So having a legit financial advisor to whisper wisdom in your ears should prove valuable for these decision making times. After all, they’ve studied the business world so they will bring in not only knowledge but experience to help us make the right decision.

Professionals should also be key in looking out for possible opportunities, help us predict the flow of the stock market and take care of our stocks, and hopefully stay in the game for as long as we could.

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Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, there are tons more that you can invest your money on. This is hard-earned money that we are talking about so making sure that you are 100% knowledgeable of what you are getting into is imperative.

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