Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel Review – Skin Moisturizer

Hey everyone, today I’m reviewing the newly launched Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel. Za beauty brand has launched a new range of Za Total Hydration skincare in the Indian market (click here to know more about the Za Total Hydration range). I bought two products from the new range – Za Total Hydration Gel and Za Total Hydration Pore Essence. I’ve been using these products for the past few days and I am really liking them.

Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel Review

Packaging : Za Total Hydration refreshing gel comes in a flat pink plastic tube with a screw cap. It has a nozzle mouth opening which controls the flow of the gel and prevents product wastage. The packaging looks very classy and contains all the product information like ingredient, usage, price, etc. I totally liked its sturdy, hygienic and travel friendly packaging.

Texture & Fragrance : Za Total Hydration refreshing gel comes in an off-white color and has a watery gel texture. It has a perfect consistency, neither too thick nor runny which helps in smooth application. It has a mild citrus refreshing fragrance which vanishes after a few moments of application.

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Efficacy : I generally take an appropriate amount of this hydrating gel and apply a few dots on my face and then massage it gently using my finger-tips. It spreads easily and gets completely absorbed in the skin with a little massage. On application this light water based gel gives a mild cooling sensation to the skin. After its usage my skin feels soft, smooth and nourished and gets a matte finish. It moisturizes my oily skin well without giving greasy or shiny feeling and keeps my skin oil-free for up to 5 hours. I’ve been using it for the past few days and I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my skin’s texture.

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Availability : Za Total Hydration refreshing gel is easily available at Za counters in Shoppers Stop or other stores. You can also buy Za total hydration skincare products online from

Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Price is Rs.599 for 50g.

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What I Liked about Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing :

  • I really like its convenient to use packaging.
  • This water based gel moisturizes the skin well and gives matte finish to my oily skin.
  • It is very light and doesn’t give uncomfortable sticky feeling.
  • It doesn’t irritate my acne prone skin.
  • It provides a nice matte base under the application of BB/CC creams and foundations.
  • Keeps the skin oil-free for a long time.
  • I find it a value for money and the quantity provided for its price is pretty good.
  • Easily available at Za counters or you can buy it online from
  • Can be used during the day and also at the night time.
  • Suitable for normal, combination and oily skin.

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What I Disliked about Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing :

  • Not enough moisturizing for dry skin people.
  • Comes without SPF.
  • Not many local stores keep Za products.
  • Contains Parabens.

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Product Information :
Name : Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing
Shelf Life : 3 years
ClaimsThis Award Winning Gel minimizes stickiness and thoroughly replenishes skin’s moisture giving it clarified glow and vibrancy. Spreads effortlessly forming a water veil that instantly restores skin, reduces flakiness and roughness in dry skin and sebum induced stickiness in oily skin. Makes skin Bouncy Fresh and Dewy Radiant all day long!
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 12.45.45 pm UsageSmooth an appropriate amount over face with fingers after toner. Apply several dots on the face and spread evenly from the centre of the face outwards.
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 12.44.51 pm Ingredients :
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 12.43.57 pm

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